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Tungum Alloy Seamless Tubing


PAC Stainless, Ltd. is the longest-standing distributor of Tungum alloy tubing in North America.

Tungum tubing has been used extensively around the world for over 75 years. PAC Stainless, Ltd. worked with offshore oil & gas suppliers for several years to find a cost effective solution to the expensive and frequent replacement of 316 stainless steel tubing offshore due to chloride pitting and crevice corrosion. Tungum alloy tubing has proven to be the best long term and most cost effective solution to this industry problem.

In 2008 a major worldwide oil and gas producer changed their non-process instrumentation tubing specifications from 316 stainless steel to Tungum tubing. Tungum tubing combined with standard 316 twin ferrule tube fittings will allow a “fit and forget” installation. The Tungum tube is guaranteed to last the lifetime of any offshore rig. Standard terms and conditions apply for use and installation; available upon request.

Tungum tubing performance – features and benefits:
Highly resistant to seawater and its atmosphere
High strength-to-weight ratio – Approximately 30% stronger than 70-30 Cu-Ni
High resistance to fatigue and shock
Excellent ductility
Non-magnetic and non-sparking
Easy to bend, resulting in vastly reduced installation time and cost in comparison to stainless steel and Super Duplex 2507
Installed with the same tools and clamps used for 316 tubing installations
Can be installed with single or dual ferrule stainless steel fittings, 37° flared fittings or Tungum PG Series silver solder fittings.
Wide range of imperial and metric sizes available.

Tungum tubing is employed in a variety of industries and applications requiring high reliability, endurance and safety:
Offshore oil and gas industry – Superior replacement for 316 stainless steel tubing in all non-process systems.
Pulp and Paper industry – Utilized for hydraulic systems for its excellent resistance to hypo-chlorites used in the bleaching process.
Crane and Hydraulic Hoists – Hydraulic systems for equipment used in and around salt-laden & fresh water environments.
Commercial Diving Industry – Lloyds of London specifies Tungum tubing to be used on dive systems for safety reasons, i.e. working with Oxygen. Saturation systems, diving bells, gas handling systems, hydraulic systems and diver’s water-heating systems.
Defense Industry – Hydraulic and pneumatic piping for control lines, brake lines, fuel lines and climatic control circuits. Tungum tubing has been specified and used by the British military since before World War II.
Industrial Gas Industry – Tungum tubing is used in medium to high pressure applications in the storage and handling systems for oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, heliox, argon, carbon dioxide and others in both gaseous and liquid states.
Commercial Marine Industry – Tungum tubing has been used extensively in hydraulic, water and sanitation systems.

Size Range
Outside Diameter:   1/4” through 1.00"      
Wall Thickness:        .035" through .160"

Governing Production Specifications   ASTM B706-TF     Copper UNS C69100

Chemical Composition % Cu Al Ni Si Fe Mn Pb Sn
  81.0 – 84.0 0.70 – 1.2 0.80 – 1.4 0.80 – 1.3 0.25 max. 0.10 max. 0.10 max. 0.05 max.

 Tungum Tubing

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