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Oxygen Cleaned & Capped Tubing

PAC Stainless is the largest supplier of stainless steel metric tubing in the U.S. These precision manufactured tubes are cold finished to tight dimensional tolerances to meet exacting engineering requirements. Our inventories consist of both domestic and imported metric tubes to meet demanding material specifications and satisfy customer project requirements. Stocked in twenty-foot long lengths, these can be shipped as-is or cut short to facilitate UPS shipment.

The process that our oxygen cleaned products go through meets the ASTM and CGA specifications listed below. An initial inspection is performed to identify any significant contaminants. The product is then meticulously cleaned and/or passivated, rinsed, and dried to ensure removal of even the slightest debris. Immediately upon completion of a final inspection, the product is capped and ultimately bagged while still inside the clean room environment to ensure the highest level of cleanliness and prevent post-cleaning contamination.

PAC Stainless holds a stock of 316/L domestic tubing cleaned and capped for oxygen service in the select sizes listed below. If we do not have what you are looking for in stock, just ask. All tubing, coils, pipe and fittings offered can be oxygen cleaned as a special order.

Cleaning Specifications
(CGA G – 4.1, ASTM G93-03, ASTM A380)

Semiconductor Fabrication, Clean Room Applications, Oxygen Enriched Environments, Gas Chromatography
Outside Diameter (OD) Wall Thickness
1/4” - 1/2” .035” - .065”

 Oxygen Cleaned & Capped Tubing
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