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ReferenceStainless Steel Instrumentation, Stainless Steel Hydraulic Tubing, Hydraulic Tubing, Welded Stainless Steel Tubing, Inconel Tubing, Alloy 625 Tubing, Alloy 400 Nickel Tubing, Dual Ferrule Tube Fittings

The files on this page provide additional product, technical and other information. Our goal is to continue to expand the reference materials available here over time.

Please check back often for new additions.

Product Line Information

 PAC Stainless Catalog Sandvik 2507 Tubing  Tungum Tubing
 PAC Tubing Overview Salem 2507 Tubing  High Pressure Fluid System Components
 304 & 316 Tubing  317L  Tubing Clamps
 Seamless Metric Alloy 20  Tubing Working Tool
Coiled Tubing Alloy 400  
 CNG XP™ Tubing Alloy 625  
 O2 Cleaned and Capped Alloy 825  
Sanitary Alloy C276  
Pharmaceutical BPE PAC DK-Lok Literature  
 Sanitary Tube Fittings PAC SSP Literature  

Technical Information

 Tube Burst Chart  Pipe Burst Chart